Diamond Earrings

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E346BD Black and White Diamond Earring
Black and White diamond are combined in this "inside outside" hoop earring. Set in 18k gold. Approxi..
E346D White Diamond Earrings
White diamond "Inside Outside" hoop earring set in 18k gold. Approximately 19mm long / 20mm diamete..
E443D- Diamond  Earrings
This beautifully detailed pair of earrings are made of 18k gold. Unique and modern this delicate pai..
E444D- Diamond Earrings
These 18k two tone metal earrings are modern with a cool 80's retro feel. Beautiful textured and de..
E445D- Diamond Egg Earrings
18k Diamond Egg earrings. These cool egg earrings are unique and beautifully crafted. Matching neck..